Welcome To Arabian Fluorocarbon Ltd

Arabian Fluorocarbon Ltd is a company dedicated to meeting the increasing demand for refrigerant recycling service and high purity solvents and chemicals in the GCC countries. Our corporate headquarters is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and our processing plant is located on the east gulf coast at Al-Jubayl.

Our purpose is to reclaim and remanufacture used refrigerant materials that are currently being destroyed, to purify and return them back to original specifications eliminating the impact of disposal on the environment and preserving this valuable resource for future use.

In addition we are the only regional producer of high purity solvents and chemicals for industrial and commercial markets in the Middle East.

In compliance with the terms of the Montreal Protocol, Arabian Fluorocarbon Ltd is proud of the distinction of being first to meet the growing demand for responsible refrigerant management and bring valuable products to the marketplace manufactured from within The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our commitment as we grow is to provide a sensible alternative to refrigerant disposal and produce top quality, high purity solvents and chemicals which are also safe for the environment.

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